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buren (BE)


shoe farm

shoe/farm builds on our previous performance SPARE TIME WORK (2021). This time, we play with role patterns, power relations linked to the farm and the shoe shop. Leisure and labour also converge in both these places. Starting from personal experiences, we want to shed a different light on larger themes such as consumerism, production, the specific experience of those places as employees, customers, passers-by. We are at the start of the creation and start working on our scenography, forming an installation of specific objects and sound equipment and looking at how the audience can be part of it. We also develop the scenes that unfold within the shoe/farm performatively, textually and musically. We explore how to create live loops of sound to represent group work or particular contexts linked to the shoe or the farm.”


buren (BE)

At the end of 2012, Oshin Albrecht and Melissa Mabesoone, founded the collective ‘buren’. Through their work, they channel humorous, imaginative and critical realities with a strong visual and musical drive. Through performance, video, text, objects, songs, photography and installation, they navigate ideas about community, domesticity, gender, (art) history and neoliberal fantasies.

Since 2021, through BUDA, they have also been part of apap, an international network that focuses on Feminist Futures and invited buren to performances in Amiens (FR), Lisbon (PT), Dro (IT), Salzburg (AT) and ‘s Hertogenbosch (NL), among others.

In residence

18 Sep 2023 – 29 Sep 2023

On tour

17 NOV 23 – 18 NOV 23
Playground Festival

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