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Cuqui Jerez & Óscar Bueno (ES)


During the residency in BUDA, Cuqui Jerez and Óscar Bueno are going to continue the creation process of Supernova. Supernova is the third part of a trilogy. It will be the prequel to Mágica y Elástica which in turn is the prequel to Las Ultracosas. The world before the world before. It is an explosion. It is a solo. One superstar. One body. There will be two frames of work: one choreographic and one musical. In terms of choreography Jerez and Bueno will continue researching the idea of an autonomous body that escapes productivity and moves through space trying to understand itself as part of an assembly of micro forces. In the musical area we are developing a music landscape that explodes and spreads. It merges again and separates again. It approaches to the idea of explosion by generating tensions, harmonic frictions, growth of volumes and dissemination of intensities.

Cuqui Jerez & Óscar Bueno (ES)

Cuqui Jerez
Cuqui Jerez is an artist, choreographer and performer. After working as a dancer and performer with various choreographers in Europe in the nineties, she began to develop her choreographic work in 2001. Since then she has created performances that have been presented in numerous festivals in Europe, USA and Latin America. Her main activity is creation but she also participates in various research, curatorial, teaching and publication projects She is part of the collective Dorothy Michaels – Office for artistic production and research.

Óscar Bueno
The practice of Óscar Bueno moves non-stop between the musical, the choreographic and the visual, in a more or less premeditated way. He is an author but he also works accompanying processes by other artists. He has presented his work and collaborations in spaces like: Mercat de les Flors, Teatros del Canal, Centro Conde Duque, BUDA, Kaai theater, farº festival, La Casa Encendida, MACBA, CA2M, Museo Reina Sofía, Matadero Madrid, Tanzquartirer, PNEU, etc. He is part of the collective project Dorothy Michaels – Office for artistic production and research.

In residence

30 May 2023 – 07 Jun 2023

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