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Clara Chabalier (FR)

The Defense against the survivors.

Clara Chabalier

The piece is inspired by the novel by Adolfo Bioy Casares, published in 1940: The Invention of Morel.

The team will continue with the creation of the piece and rehearsals. The scenographer will be there to provide elements of set and scenography.

The play is about a man who seeks refuge on an island he thinks is deserted. While he thinks he is alone, he sees other residents on the island, who behave in a strange way: they dance, play, laugh, despite the storms and hurricanes that plague the island. He decides to overcome his paranoia and go to the group.

The refugee then understands that what he sees is the image of a group that spent a week’s holiday on the island 10 years ago; that this week is running on a loop, for eternity; that the originals are dead, the overpowered sensors have burned them from the surface inwards: the explanation for the famous plague.

Faustina no longer exists. All that remains is this image of Faustina, forever inaccessible.

Therefore, he decides to activate the invention to integrate himself into the film of the Eternal Week forever.

la défense devant les survivants

Clara Chabalier (FR)

The Petrole company, created in 2009, defends a contemporary, creative theatre. The company’s performances are distinguished by a mix of disciplines: composers, visual artists and videographers are regularly invited to share their universe. United around a core of loyal artists and technicians, the company seeks to set up a dialogue between the elements of the performance: the text is considered in the broad sense, including sound, light, music, video.
The shows of the Pétrole company express a desire to work on language, on always renewed attempt, with fervor, that understanding and sharing are possible, beyond words.

In residence

25 Apr 2022 – 30 Apr 2022

On tour

09 May 2022 – 09 Feb 2023
La Comédie de Reims, Théâtre de l'Echangeur, Théâtre de Lorient, Le Granit - Scène nationale de Belfort

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