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Nada & Co. vzw (BE)

True Fiction- working the in-betweens (research project)

True Fiction- working the in-betweens (research project)

During the residency the group will research together possible performative dimensions for ‘frames for constructive emptiness’. These frames, that rest on a balancing act between stability and movement as a tool to attend to in-betweens have so far in the research been tested largely through curatorially shaped formats (monthly research gatherings, night walks and night shifts). Now Nada wants to see how these frames could be reflected and translated into poetic gestures incorporating bodies, objects and writing.

Nada & Co. vzw (BE)

Nada & Co. vzw is a company founded in 2015 in Brussels that has for its mission to support and produce the work of Nada Gambier and peers.

Nada Gambier is a multidisciplinary Finnish artist based in Brussels since over twenty years. She has been to Buda on numerous occasions, most recently sharing her research through nightly walks in the frame of the Learning Together programme. For this residency she will be accompanied by a group of experienced international performers, namely Jen Rosenblit, Mark Etchells and Phil Hayes.

Jen Rosenblit is an American choreographer and dancer based in Berlin. She makes performances surrounding architectures, bodies and ideas concerned with problems that arise inside of agendas for togetherness. Her works lean toward the uncanny and maintenance of care, locating ways of being together amidst impossible spaces. Mark Etchells is a long-time collaborator of Nada who dances between professions and worlds. He combines building walls and roofing jobs with writing and performing. He is based in North Devon, UK. Phil Hayes is an English performance-maker, theatre director, actor and musician based in Zurich. He has also worked in kitchens, restaurants, pubs, factories, on the radio, on tv and on building sites.

In residence

05 Dec 2022 – 16 Dec 2022

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