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Jean Luc Ducourt (FR/BE)

VéNus ReMix #2

Venus Remix

This residency is for rehearsing the solo dance performance VéNus ReMix #2 that will premiere on 22 March 2024 in Brussels. In the lead role, Manon Kolanowski (FR) is spinning. She attended the classical dance training programme at the Opera Ballet School of Paris. She then joined the Junior Ballet of the National Dance Conservatoire of Paris before dancing with the Dordmund Ballet and finally the Polish National Ballet. This year, she returned to Paris as a freelance dancer.

Jean Luc Ducourt (FR/BE)

From 1979, Jean Luc Ducourt danced in France for Le Four Solaire, Régine Chopinot, Susan Buirge, Georges Appaix, Daniel Larrieu, L’Esquisse, among others, before joining Rosas in 1987. After the production of Ottone Ottone, he became Anne Teresa De Keermaeker’s assistant and continued to co-direct Rosas creations until 1993. Since then, he systematically created lighting designs for his own theatre productions. From 1994, his interest lies more in theatre as a freelance artist, with a series of productions inspired by Marguerite Duras. Since 2007, he has worked with the Kaaitheater and composer Alain Franco.

Now, French-Belgian choreographer Jean Luc Ducourt returns to the artistic field with a new piece: a solo for classically trained ballet dancer Manon Kolanowski (FR).

In residence

05 Feb 2024 – 17 Feb 2024

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