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Agata Maskiewicz & Superamas (FR/PL)

Zero to Infinity

Zero to Infinity

In our scale, we are blind to the infinitesimally small world of the atoms and the immensely big one of the Universe. We are either too big or too small, utterly adapted to the specific physical conditions of our human existence. But what if we would stop for a moment and took the time to gaze at the sky, to taste the night and listen to it, to feel the space around us…
Zero to Infinity, with a meeting/performance in a garden, intends to put the human body, its scale and its perceptual system in the center of a relationships network and to taste the vertigo of our human condition…

Agata and Superamas have met and worked together on several projects, some signed by Superamas, others by Agata Maszkiewicz. For this new piece of work, they start a new way of working together and sign the project together. To master this delicate work of art, they invited some of their dear colleagues: Teresa Acevedo, Sofie Durnez, Antoine Tirmarche, Henri Emmanuel Doublier & Octave Courtin.

Agata Maszkiewicz & Superamas

Agata Maskiewicz & Superamas (FR/PL)

Agata Maszkiewicz, born in Poland, is a choreographer, performer and a dancer. She lives in France, close to Angouleme (Charente). She works, among others, with a collective Superamas (You dream, BIG3 happy/end, Casino), Ivana Muller (60 minutes of opportunism) and creates her own work.

In BUDA during these early June days, we will rehearse most of the time at twilight, in the garden, putting choreographies, lights, texts and music together.

In residence

23 May 2022 – 04 Jun 2022

On tour

13 Jun 2022 – 12 Jul 2022
La Métive, Playtime festival - Centre Culturelle Jaque Tati
  • Zero to Infinity
  • Zero to Infinity
  • Zero to Infinity

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