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BUDA's Film Fund

Socially committed cinephiles want to offer more to people who have less.

BUDA arts centre is dedicated to rejuvenation, cultural and social diversity, and participation. We want to offer cinephile experiences to children, adolescents and families from vulnerable sections of society. This is achieved via “film camps” for children living in poverty, workshops in underprivileged neighbourhoods, a film club for youngsters in youth care centres, and a social tariff for the disadvantaged through the UiTPAS (20% of the basic rate).

These endeavours have been very successful. In two years, the number of people visiting Budascoop with a social tariff has more than doubled. Children constitute a third of the audience.

In order to expand these initiatives, we have founded the BUDA Film Fund, a social fund that aims to welcome even more people from various sections of the population.

How does it work? Each year we look for 5 to 10 organisations, service clubs or businesses that contribute at least € 1,000, as well as 100 film lovers who want to donate a minimum of € 50 to offer more to people who have less. We call them BUDA’s Film Friends, because that is what they are.

In exchange for your kindness, we will automatically provide you with a tax certificate, giving you 40% of your contribution back through taxes.

Alternatively, your organisation, service club or business (contributing a minimum of € 1,000) can choose to have its logo appear on our film screens – right before the evening screenings – for a whole year.

If you wish to receive a tax certificate, transfer your donation to the account BE10 0000 0000 0404 (King Baudouin Foundation) using the reference 185/0100/01503.

If you would rather have your organisation, service club or business logo on our film screens: contact, you will receive an invoice and transfer your sponsorship amount (minimum €1,000 + 21% VAT) to BE54 0016 0997 6997 with the entry as it appears on the invoice.

You will then receive an invoice and will be asked to transfer your contribution (a minimum of € 1,000 + 21% VAT) to the account BE54 0016 0997 6997, using the reference displayed on the invoice. We would be very grateful if your organisation, service club or business renewed its commitment several years in a row.

Thank you!

This project receives the support of the Streekfonds West-Vlaanderen, which is managed by the King Baudouin Foundation.

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