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ElseWhere Rhapsody

ElseWhere Rhapsody

The power of desire In four musical chapters, Jen Rosenblit stages absurd yet familiar situations: an auction and a dog race. Two events with a hellish pace that revolve entirely around an absent object. ElseWhere Rhapsody is a grand experiment that seeks to illuminate the poetic and political aspects of desire. Beneath the humorous waterfall […]

Máquinas (Machines)

Máquinas (Machines)

Longing for less Since the rise of industrialisation and capitalism, a constant desire for everything we don’t have (yet). Llopis Segarra dissects humans and our society, and exposes our inherent desires. Máquinas is a dance performance that explores what a “desiring machine”, as French philosophers Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari called it, could be. They […]

No hay acto creativo

There Is No Creative Act

There Is No Creative Act straddles the line between a lecture and a performance. Using archival material, combined with movements, text, and the use of certain objects, Norberto Llopis Segarra tries to frame his artistic practice. He starts from the opposition between Operation and Action, whereby an Operation is conceived as a procedure that allows […]

MONUMENT 0.9: Replay

Real monuments do not stand still In the performance Replay choreographer Eszter Salamon returns to the dance material she developed for Reproduction (2004), inspired by positions from the legendary Kama Sutra. What remains of those movements? Replay shows the pleasure of moving ánd watching movement while bodies get rid of social norms. A work of […]

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