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Jubilee: Emptor

Collective reflection with public moment
Public moment: 17:00 – 19:00
Location: Oranjerie (BK6)
Free access, no tickets required


Emptor –

Assembly of practice: whose artwork?

Together with BUDA, Jubilee organises a collective reflection on the relationship between artist and artwork, with the practice of Katya Ev and Clémentine Vaultier at its core.

Jubilee’s Emptor project forms the context of this event.

Asking ‘how can we practice property for a sustainable visual arts field?’, it builds on Caveat’s foundations in the quest for an ecology of the arts field.

Emptorallows to shift attention from artwork to practice and for collective knowledge and insights to develop.

During the day, a group of carefully selected artistic practices, ‘dramaturgs’, institutions and external experts explore difficulties of claiming authorship on dematerialised, collaborative and process based work in a visual arts context, the importance of documentation and possibilities to reconsider ownership as a temporary right to use, transform and pass on.

The day closes with a public moment at 17:00. An attempt to create access, publish and perform an ongoing exchange on practicing property.

In April and May, Emptor organises reading rooms, which are open to the public and allow for discussions to feed into the reflection on the 16th of June. More information about the reading rooms on

Caveat is a collective research project reflecting and acting on the ecology of artistic practice. It is convened by the Brussels-based artist-run platform for research and production Jubilee.

Emptor continues along the methodology and efforts of Caveat. It actively applies the practice-based approach to ‘property’, a concept that highly defines the economy of visual arts. Just as ‘the contract’ functioned as a focus in Caveat, ‘property’ functions as a central notion in Emptor, linking different discussions and research trajectories.
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