Cinema, Podium en
Werkplek in Kortrijk

Ève Gabriel Chabanon

I, Too, Overflow

sculpture and public reading
nglish, French and Dutch spoken, English, French and Dutch subtitled | all ages | Accessible for visually impaired people
Relaxed performance
Free (no registration necessary)


From collective conversation to public sculpture

Feminist author Hélène Cixous wrote I, too, overflow in her influential essay The Laugh of Medusa, in which she advocated écriture féminine, a radically new form of expression and significance. Inspired by Cixous, Ève Gabriel Chabanon spoke for an entire year with women and non-binary individuals from in and around Kortrijk. How do they relate to topics like identity? How do they experience (the place of) their body in public spaces? What potential do they see in building up a feminist legacy and matrimony for themselves as well as for their surroundings?

Based on workshops with the participants, Chabanon will create a public sculpture that reflects the participants’ knowledge and skills. The sculpture, which will be unveiled at Almost Summer, constitutes a physical reminder of feminism in Kortrijk. The questions that fuelled the conversation for I, Too, Overflow, will also form the canvas for a public lecture, in which the artist looks back on the entire process.

Ève Gabriel Chabanon (FR) (they/xe) has forged a hybrid practice questioning the relationship to labor and to collective, political and economic constructions, mixing texts, films, ceramics and sculptural objects. Their work brings together and moderates different groups to infiltrate the mechanisms of systems (financial, cultural, democratic) and question the codes of art and its possibilities to develop new spaces of understanding and dissemination.

Play dates

With the participation of : compañeros, FMDO, Refu Interim, QACE Kortrijk, Magnolia Collective, and numerous anonymous women of Kortrijk.
With the words of Bhanu Kapil and Helene Cixou.
With the help of: Bram Coeman, Anke D’Haene, Noir Metal, Klara Rowaert, Famke Struyve, Clara Van der belen, Mathilde Villeneuve.

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