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Philippe Quesne

Farm fatale

English spoken, French subtitles
Duration performance: 1h30
Location: Maison Folie Wazemmes (Lille)
Departure bus: 19h00, Broelkaai 6
Return bus: 22h00
Tickets: €12

Join us on a bus trip to the Latitudes Contemporaines Festival! Our colleagues from the contemporary performing arts festival would like to welcome you in Lille.

At the boundary between the human and the puppet, the peasant and the scarecrow, the five masked characters of Farm Fatale appear and settle against a spotless white background. The audience is then led into a world highly evocative of the farm, where a group of poet scarecrows lives. They run an independent radio station, sing, play music, invent slogans and sometimes wax philosophical. Masked and speaking in distorted voices, these contemplative clowns attuned to the pulses of the planet may turn out to be somewhat familiar. In fact, these men and women striving for a better world are mostly daydreamers, poets and activists with a charming and intoxicating tendency to marvel at the beauty and diversity of nature. These are disarmingly funny and kind heroes living at plant or animal level, somehow trying to steer clear of a rampant capitalism that destroys forests, lands, and oceans, and to save the multiple lives of those teeming, speaking, poeticizing and thinking around us.

Departure bus: 19:00 at the front of Broelkaai 6.
Before leaving, you can catch the free expo of Effi & Amir and the public moment of The Crip School.

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Philippe Quesne (FR) was born in 1970 and studied Fine Arts, Visual Design and Set Design in Paris. He founded the Vivarium Studio Company in 2003 – a (avant-garde) theatre company, composed of painters, actors, dancers, musicians and animals – to focus on innovation and the development of new theatrical interventions. Quesne has become one of the most original voices in European performing arts. His work is programmed or co-produced in various countries, including at leading production houses such as the Münchner Kammerspiele and Theater Vidy in Lausanne. Quesne’s work is characterised by the interplay between art and politics, and he exposes the powerlessness of humanity in a slightly absurd way through copious use of humour.

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  • Farm Fatale

WITH Léo Gobin, Anne Stephens (rôle créé par Julia Riedler), Sébastien Jacobs (rôle créé par Stefan Merki), Nuno Lucas (rôle créé par Damian Regbetz), Gaëtan Vourc’h / GENERAL MANAGEMENT François Boulet / SOUND CONTROL Félix Perdreau / LIGHTING CONTROL Vincent Chrétien / SCENOGRAPHY COLLABORATION Nicole Marianna Wytyczak / COSTUMES Nora Stocker / MASKS Brigitte Frank / LIGHT DESIGN Pit Schultheiss / SOUND DESIGN Robert Göing, Anthony Hughes / ASSISTANT DIRECTORS Jonny-Bix Bongers, Dennis Metaxas / DRAMATURGICAL ADVICE Martin Valdés-Stauber, Camille Louis / SURTITLING TRANSLATION Valentine Haussoullier / PRODUCTION OF THE CREATION Münchner Kammerspiele / TOUR PRODUCTION Vivarium Studio / Show created on 29 March 2019 for the repertoire of the Münchner Kammerspiele, Munich (Germany)

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