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Tom Struyf

Finding Willard

Duration: 1h30
Dutch and English spoken, French and Dutch surtitles



What place do we give people who deviate from the norm in our society? What does it mean to care for each other in changing times?

Between 2018 and now, Struyf and his team made about eight trips in which they closely followed Willard’s people and landscape. The result will be a multimedia, cinematic performance, in which the audience is seated around a model of Willard, making you, the spectator, very closely involved with the place and making you feel as if you were walking around it yourself. Finding Willard is a travelogue, a personal quest about construction and decay, care and community.

Tom Struyf is a theatre maker, writer and landscape architect. In his theatre work he involves the audience into a personal, honest quest. Recurring fascinations are the mixing of fact and fiction in the world around us, how we relate to past and future and the influence of social changes on the personal life of people and communities. Tom’s performances are stories with a multidisciplinary character on the crossing of theatre, documentary and lecture performance, and flirting with genres such as the detective, the coming of age and the road movie.

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Concept, text & performance: Tom Struyf.
Co-creation: Fien Leysen & Willem De Maeseneer.
Camera & editing: Geert De Vleesschauwer & Fien Leysen.
Music: Bert Hornikx.
Scenography: Ina Peeters & Jolan Moonen.
Design & installation: Manu Siebens & Ina Peeters.
Technical supervision: Geert De Vleesschauwer.
Technics: Geert De Vleesschauwer / Bregt Janssens.
Production: Tatiana Aarons vzw.
Co-production: Het Zuidelijk Toneel, NTGent, C-TAKT, NEXT Festival, Productiehuis TR, detheatermaker, kc De Singel, cc de Werft Geel, cc De Grote Post Oostende.
In collaboration with: De Nieuwe Vorst, corso & Vlaams Cultuurhuis de Brakke Grond.
With the support of the Flemish Government, the City of Rotterdam, Stuifzand & deAuteurs.

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