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Sophia Rodriguez


Duration: 1u20
English spoken, French and Dutch surtitles


There is friction when you rub together two pieces of wood to create a spark but the word is also used when people quarrel or when there’s tension in the air. The Venezuelan dancer, singer and circus artist Sophia Rodriguez finds that friction is gradually disappearing from society. Especially in capitalism, which puts the individual above the community, separation and distance are preferred to friction.

According to Rodriguez friction is essential for the sense of belonging to a group. She and her performers see a dynamic of giving and taking in it between opposite forces. In this performance they want to re-possess friction as something that needn’t be resolved but cherished, as a source of transformation.

On stage is an intergenerational cast between 25 and 65, flanked by a children’s band. All performers have different cultural backgrounds. Through movement, song and music the performers go in search of what friction can mean today.

Aftertalk – 27.11
Meet Sofia Rodriguez after the performance on 27 November.

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Concept Sophia Rodriguez
Performers en makers Anna Franziska Jäger, Vincent Focquet, Simon Van Schuylenbergh, Robert Steijn, Martina Calvo, Sophia Rodriguez
Dramaturgie Robert Steijn
Mentor Meg Stuart
Kostuumontwerp, rekwisieten Sofie Durnez
Scenografie Sofie Durnez, Sophia Rodriguez
Muziek Thomas Proksch, Sophia Rodriguez, Tim Coenen, Kalé Rodriguez Goldberg, Simone Rodriguez Goldberg en Arko Rodriguez Goldberg.
Geluidsontwerp Korneel Moreaux
Lichtontwerp Jan Maertens
Productie KWP Kunstenwerkplaats
Co-productie Buda, VIERNULVIER, Toneelhuis
Met de steun van De Grote Post, Kaaitheater & NEXT Festival
Met de financiële steun van De Vlaamse Gemeenschap, de Vlaamse Gemeenschapscommissie en Taxshelter.

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