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In DOPA’s SYNUSIAs, hackers attempt to dismantle, tweak and hijack system-objects in their hands. This may involve a luminescent organism, a rule of good militant conduct, a bagpipe or an air conditioner. On each new terrain, they map energy sources, list constraints, calculate burned watts, and harvest hidden stories. DOPA can’t predict its own evolution, […]



There is friction when you rub together two pieces of wood to create a spark but the word is also used when people quarrel or when there’s tension in the air. The Venezuelan dancer, singer and circus artist Sophia Rodriguez finds that friction is gradually disappearing from society. Especially in capitalism, which puts the individual […]

All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace

In All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace Ezra Veldhuis and Bosse Provoost explore freedom and lack of freedom with relation to technology. At the centre of the staging is the poem of the same name from 1967 by Richard Brautigan, in which the American author sings the praise of a dreamed ecology in […]



Let’s think back to the very beginning. There lies man. Dirty, stranded, full of nostalgia for his origin in the slippery water. What happens when we penetrate this image, if we want to catch a glimpse of the precious life in the ‘lower’ layers of our experience that are now sealed under the concrete of […]

Deep Cuts

During a walk, Bryan Campbell hit a tree with a branch. This trivial act aroused strong associations in him with – among other things – sadomasochism. But where man finds both pain and pleasure in such a relationship, we don’t know what the tree experiences. Did this blow leave the tree indifferent? What does this […]

L’Âge d’Or/De Gouden Eeuw

Behind the scenes of utopia In the trilogy Golden Age artists Igor Cardellini and Tomas Gonzalez question the foundations of our time. Via a ‘conducted tour’ they guide you as a first-class tourist along banks, offices and shopping centres. It’s places we pass every day but which -apart from their function- we don’t pay much […]

Galactic Crush

AFTER THE DISASTER: BEIRUT IN MUSIC The events in this performance take place in a parallel universe, where an anti-heroine dancer and her musician, in retaliation for decades of evil and corruption, form a powerful, underfunded and loosely organised couple fighting crime to bring justice! With good intentions and no experience whatsoever; they are a […]

Leçons de ténèbres (sold out)

A LAMENTATION FOR WHAT WE HAVE FORGOTTEN Leçons de Ténèbres refers to a 17th-century Baroque musical genre of the same name, in which the Biblical Lamentations of Jeremiah are rendered with polyphonic singing. The songs usually revolve around mourning for the destroyed city of Jerusalem. Betty Tchomanga makes her own leçons de ténèbres for NEXT, […]

Set the Table

WOMEN’S TALES In 2021 startten Raquel Andre en Cristina Carvalhal een onderzoek naar de verhalen van mensen uit verschillende gemeenschappen die zich als vrouw identificeren. By listening to these voices, they aim to contribute to greater awareness of the inequalities and wrongs that patriarchal societies have instituted throughout history and assimilated as the norm. The […]



AND THE LIGHT…LED THE DANCE In a world punctuated by an overflow of images, R É V E R B É R E R is imagined as a care session for the eyes. Dance and light are intertwined. The light is here the starting point and its presence defines what we see or don’t see. […]

buren: Spare Time Work


Can you spend spare time? When is one a big spender? How do you spend spare time? How do you spend your spare time? Do you like to play? Sports? Do you work? Out? Do you go to the gym? I’m pretty sure I saw you there… In SPARE TIME WORK buren musically approaches thoughts […]

Bint Mbareh

necromance the future

When funghi die, they contribute to the growth of the community. Can fungi make us think differently about death? This performance links the fungi to martyrdom by means of traditional Palestinian music. A unique and musical performance. with the support of Mophradat

MONUMENT 0.9: Replay

Real monuments do not stand still In the performance Replay choreographer Eszter Salamon returns to the dance material she developed for Reproduction (2004), inspired by positions from the legendary Kama Sutra. What remains of those movements? Replay shows the pleasure of moving ánd watching movement while bodies get rid of social norms. A work of […]

Teenage Sonbook of Love and Sex

Teenage Songbook of Love and Sex

Love songs break teenage taboos In this musical show, the young people themselves take the floor about love and sexuality. Each time, local peers join the Icelandic choir to write and sing songs with them. In this melodious ode to the coming-of-age love and sexuality are represented in all forms and colours.

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