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Eli Mathieu-Bustos

Have a Safe Travel

Dance, performance
French spoken, English subtitled | 8+ | darkness | nudity | accessible for hearing impaired people
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Have a Safe Travel tells the story of a train ride. It could have been an ordinary ride, until three policemen stopped Eli Mathieu-Bustos and asked for his passport. According to him, it was the first time he had been targeted because of his skin colour.

In his first solo, the young choreographer transforms the systemic violence he has experienced into powerful performative content. Self-taught and passionate about improvisation, he is inspired by both dancehall and German expressionist dance. In 2020, he developed an improvisation technique driven by astrology, among other things, from which a new dance style was born: De Caelo.

Eli’s physical virtuosity allows him to transcend the different political identities that define him. Yet, it is from them that his dances are born. Through De Caelo, a personal experience becomes embodied knowledge, which the spectator can see, feel and understand. In Have a Safe Travel, dance becomes the conduit for the flow of empathy.

Combine ‘Have a Safe Travel’ on Friday 7 July with ‘Love’ by Florin Flueras and ‘Mémé’ by Sarah Vanhee.
Combine ‘Have a Safe Travel’ on Saturday, July 8, with ‘Love’ by Florin Flueras and ‘T-Shirt Conversations’ by Buren.

Eli Mathieu-Bustos (FR/PE) is a dancer-performer whose bodily virtuosity allows him to transcend his different political identities. Out of these identities his dances are born. Out of these identities his dances are born.

He is both a trained and an autodidact dancer. He started out with ballet at the age of five and went on with jazz and breakdance classes. Until the age of seventeen he navigated between different styles such as new-style, poppin, krump, contemporary dance etc. Self-taught and passionate about improvisation, his sources of inspiration are found both in institutionally recognised dance canons such as German expressionist dance and butō and in dance styles associated societally with subculture such as dancehall and house. After high school he went on to study Performing Arts. These studies allowed him to discover theater and cinema, two disciplines that can be found in his current work. Eli also studied choreographic studies at the Manufacture in Aurillac and has a Master’s degree in the Institute of Arts and Choreography (ISAC) obtained at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Brussels.

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  • Have a safe travel

choreography, dramaturgy, interpretation, concept: eli mathieu bustos // executive production: anaku // lighting design: maureen béguin // sound design: loucka fiagan // with the support of wipcoop/ mestizoartsplatform, kvs, la bellone, be my guest – international network for emerging practices, kaaitheater, la balsamine, desingel, atelier 210, and anaku // buda for the feminist futures festival, belluard bollwerk festival, short theatre festival // outside eyes: daniel blange gubbay, eric cyuzuzo niyibizi, maria dogahe, nabil ennassouh, jazz guyot, aleksandra janeva imfeld, brandon kano butare, lukah katangila, krystel khoury, ana kuch, soto labor, sophie sénécaut, liza siche-jouan, milø slayers, marie umuhoza.

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