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Florin Flueras


2h (free in and out)
Belgian premiere
no spoken language | 6+ | accessible for hearing impaired people
Relaxed performance
Pay what you can (€0/€5/€10/€15/€20/€25)
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Florin Flueras - Love

Love, between intervention and performance

Our bodies are often ruled by forms of control. Usually, we see them as instruments we can set up and adjust, in order to put them to work. But a body can also be affective, according to Romanian choreographer Florin Flueras. In Love, he looks at the many affects that love brings about – from overwhelming feelings to ecstasy and hypersensitivity. Florin Flueras suggests that by reversing the control / choreographic habits, a new type of body might emerge – a “love body”.

In his performances, he prefers to see art and the outside world grate against each other. His recent work explores how choreography within a specific context can lead to different ways of thinking, seeing or feeling. The context in Love is equally particular: the performance is set in exhibition areas, metro stations, supermarkets, etc. Those are places where other activities are already happening, and where dance adds an extra layer. There are two audiences: one is aware of the performance while the other is completely oblivious, resulting in a meeting between different perceptions, situations and performers. How do affective bodies influence intensely functional spaces? Can you really infect them with love?

Combine ‘Love’ on Friday 7 July with ‘Have a Safe Travel’ by Eli Mathieu-Bustos and ‘Mémé’ by Sarah Vanhee.
Combine ‘Love’ on Saturday 8 July with ‘Have a safe Travel’ by Eli Mathieu-Bustos and ‘T-Shirt Conversations’ by Buren.

Florin Flueras’ (RO) work expands into spheres of politics, philosophy, spirituality, health care, media, education, literature – affecting conventions and certainties, producing performative meetings between art and its outside, through entities like Artwork, Artworlds, Unsorcery, Clinica, Black Hyperbox, Postspectacle, Art Opening. In his recent work – Love, Unexperiences, Unimages, Unhere – he explores body situations and capacities that affect what underlies the conceptual and perceptual, what is possible to think, see and feel in different contexts. More than visual or conceptual, Florin sees his recent practice as affect art.

Play dates

Florin Flueras, Love (2022)
Performers: Eliza Trefas, Martina Piazzi, Florin Flueras

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