Cinema, Podium en
Werkplek in Kortrijk

Mira Bryssinck


THU 14 MARCH | 20:15
Dutch spoken
in collaboration with Schouwburg Kortrijk


With Malinconico, Mira creates a queer, magical-realist universe, in which we ourselves, along with melancholy, search for our place in coexistence. Malinconico brings comfort in a gloomy landscape, lightness in darkness, music in silence.

Malinconico is a place between what was and what could have been. A zone where light darkness and dark lightness become palpable. In which time stands still and we are overwhelmed by the great why. In which the brightness of a hazy cloud of melancholy brings things into focus.

In this onscreen landscape, melancholy itself wanders, in multiple voices speaking. Their universal dejection meanders and evolves and never comes in the same capacity or form. Yet these personifications of melancholy sound unison: we want to be allowed to be there.

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A performance by and with: Dounia Mahammed, Ellie Bryce, Elise goedgezelschap, Fred Libert, Laura Vroom, Laryssa Kim, Milan Vandierendonck, Mira Bryssinck, ruimtevaarders, Sara Lâm, Zindzi Tillot Owusu, (het team wordt nog aangevuld). With the support of: DE SINGEL VIERNULVIER, Workspacebrussels, Kunstencentrum BUDA, Moussem & Stad Gent. Thanks to: laGeste & &FroeFroe.

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