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Werkplek in Kortrijk

Par Hasard


THU 14 MARCH | 20:15
Relaxed performance
Mainly English spoken, with Dutch and English surtitles and a Flemish Sign Language interpreter.

In collaboration with Schouwburg Kortrijk


Malinconico is a lullaby. A magic dream. A ritual to channel the many faced, many voiced entity that is melancholia. A shared safe space to experience her low spirits, to reflect, and rest with her. Never to define her but to explore the vast regions between what was and what could have been.

Malinconico is a proposal for collectively caring and carrying the many ways melancholia makes itself known. A  moment to escape from the productive, rational, the rigid. A chance to dive into a sea of longing, under a heavy blanket of light sorrow. And perhaps unlock doors hidden deep inside.

Malinconico invites melancholia herself, to step into the (moon)light so she can comfort us. To take her in our arms and take us into our arms and take each and everyone in each others arms in our arms.

Malinconico creates a queer and crip magical-realistic universe, seeking solace in a gloomy landscape, lightness in the dark.

Malinconico is a relaxed performance. The performance is multilingual, primarily in English and Dutch. This means that we aim to make the show as accessible as possible. Feel free to leave during the performance and come back. Feel free to make noise or sing with us. Feel free to walk around. Feel free to feel whatever you feel.

Par Hasard is a hybrid collection (by Mira Bryssinck, Fred Libert and Laura Vroom) that curates work-in-progress, organizes workshops and creates its own projects. The work always departs from experimentation, accessibility and connection. The performances A Pair Of Socks and ZET U investigated the elasticity of empathy. Then Mira started a preliminary research around melancholy (with Fred’s support) that was the prelude to this collaborative project.

Malinconico was made in a horizontal way, the text was created collectively, with the whole team invited to make contributions. This project is carried by artists and cultural workers who not only have a sense of melancholic poetry from their work, but also want to question the logic of production, representation and welcome culture in theater.

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  • Malinconico
  • Malinconico
  • Malinconico
  • Malinconico
“” — Pzazz

This is a relaxed space created by: light Ellie Bryce productional follow-up Flo Delameilleure creation & performance Dounia Mahammed, Zindzi Tillot Owusu, Milan Vandierendonck, Mira Bryssinck creation Sara Lâm music & performance Laryssa Kim dramaturgy Fred Libert scenography ruimtevaarders costume Elise Goedgezelschap sound Fenna Maas financial follow-up Stef Ampe with thanks to Moya Michael and Staging Access with the support of De Singel, NTGent, Viernulvier, Workspacebrussels, KOPERGIETERY, Kunstencentrum BUDA, Moussem, Gouvernement, the City of Ghent, Government of Flanders

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