Cinema, Podium en
Werkplek in Kortrijk

Cristina Carvalhal & Raquel André

Set the Table

Performance, theater
Belgian premiere
Duration: 2h
French spoken, Dutch surtitles



In 2021 startten Raquel Andre en Cristina Carvalhal een onderzoek naar de verhalen van mensen uit verschillende gemeenschappen die zich als vrouw identificeren. By listening to these voices, they aim to contribute to greater awareness of the inequalities and wrongs that patriarchal societies have instituted throughout history and assimilated as the norm.

The project involved four cities: Lisbon, Zagreb, Sibiu (Romania) and Kortrijk. In each city, Andre and Carvalhal organised a five-day workshop to work with local communities. Set the Table is performed by the Portuguese professional team and participants of the workshop in Kortrijk.

Participate in the workshops and performance? More info.

After the show, also pick up the film about the creation process.

This performance takes place as part of Be SpectACTive!, an EU programme that experiments with various forms of participation and aims to give audiences a louder voice.

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Cristina Carvalhal is an actress, a director and an educator. She is the founder and the artistic director of the theatre company Causas Comuns. Raquel Andre is an actress, an artist and a performer. She is the deviser of Collection of People, a project that since 2014 has been presented in various places in the world, with performances, exhibitions, conferences, a book, online projects and performances.

Play dates

Project Directors: Cristina Carvalhal and Raquel André.
Cocreators: Catarina Vieira, Gisela Casimiro, Keli Freitas, Rita M. Pestana, Sara Franqueira.
Performers: Catarina Vieira, Cristina Carvalhal, Gisela Casimiro, Keli Freitas, Raquel André and eight women from Kortrijk (to be defined).
Set and Costumes Designer: Sara Franqueira.
Lighting Designer: Carolina Caramelo.
Sound Designer: Odete.
Film Director: Rita M. Pestana.
Executive Producer: Sofia Bernardo.
Assistant Producer: Leonor Buescu.
Causas Comuns Producer: Bruno Reis.
Partners: ArtemRede – Marvila Library (Portugal), BUDA (Kortrijk, Belgium), Domino (Zagreb, Croatia) and Radu Stanca National Theater (Sibiu, Romania).

SET THE TABLE is carried out in the scope of the european project Be SpectACTive! Co-financed by the European Union – Program Creative Europe and the Government of Portugal – Program Garantir Cultura. Causas Comuns is sponsored by the Government of Portugal – Ministry of Heritage/General Direction of Arts.

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