Cinema, Podium en
Werkplek in Kortrijk

The Futurology of Cooperation: TIKKUMST

Location: Budascoop (Kapucijnenstraat 10, Kortrijk)
Language: English spoken
Tickets: €5 (incl. night-snacks & breakfast)
Limited capacity, reservation required.
What is The Futurology of Cooperation?

The Futurology of Cooperation

18:00 | Doors open
19:00 | Possibility to have dinner (paying)
20:21 | Sunset
20:22 | Start TIKKUMST
07:17 | End TIKKUMST (with breakfast)
07:18 | Sunrise

In the Jewish tradition ‘Tikkun’ is an event in which a community spends the night together studying. The meaning of the word Tikkun in Hebrew is Repair. The Tikkun night,with its collective learning and mystic energy, puts into practice the belief that it is through study that we can transform the world. Inspired by this tradition, we invite you to TIKKUMST, a celebrationand final gathering after 3 years of research of The Futurology of Cooperation.”

From sunset to sunrise, we will experience several of the methods, games and exercises we learned or invented along the way. Along different chapters we will imagine possible futures together, we will explore and develop them in order to sharpen our image of those futures, and last but not least we will do some time-traveling and try to experience these futures in experimental set-ups. We will go for a walk, there will be rituals and time to lie down, we can dress up, sing and dance… There will be one-on-one conversations, tarot readings, collective fables… At the end of the night a breakfast will be waiting for us, guaranteeing a safe return to the present, and a full stomach to close this collective experience.

TIKKUMST is not a performance you attend, but an invitation to a playful and participative event initiating you in the practice of futuring. Everyone is encouraged to stay the whole night.

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The research-team: Anna Czapski, Diederik Peeters, Mathilde Maillard, Adva Zakaï, Hans Bryssinck, Rasa Alksnyte, Heike Langsdorf, Marine Thévenet, Anna Rispoli, Emmanuelle Wattier et Martin Boutry, Pierre Huyghebaert en Sarah Magnan (Open Source Publishing), – with the precious help and motivation of Maja Kuzmanovic, Siti Nurjanah, Vincent Lebour – and special thanks to all the students at KASK, P.A.R.T.S. and ESA Saint-Luc Bruxelles

Anna Czapski & Diederik Peeters are affiliated as artistic researchers to KASK & Conservatorium, the School of Arts van HOGENT and Howest. The research project The Futurology of Cooperation is funded by HOGENT Arts Research Fund, with the support of the transborder cooperation fund Région Hauts-de-France & Vlaamse Gemeenschap via L’Amicale & SPIN.

Producer: Rocio Leza
Costumes: Moni Wespi
Scenography: Laura Oriol
Photography: Ernst Maréchal

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