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In My Name

Time To Talk

Location: Leieboorden around BK6 (Kortrijk)
Free performance

The solidarity with war refugees from Ukraine is heartwarming. Everyone agrees that they deserve a safe refuge, a legal status and basic support. Meanwhile, in Belgium, about 150,000 other people still live and work with no documents. The In My Name campaign wants a citizens’ bill with clear criteria for allowing them to stay here safely to be debated in parliament. To this end, In My Name wants to collect 25,000 signatures by 17 May 2022.


In the context of In My Name,variouss social and cultural organisations in Kortrijk will join forces on 7 May for a one-day programme on the question: “How do we move towards a more humane regularisation policy?”

16h-17h Panel discussion
There appear to be loopholes in the regularisation procedure for newcomers. This often leads to arbitrariness in the decisions. Moreover, during that procedure, people have barely the opportunity to work legally and to acquire social rights. What impact does that have on people? How can this be done differently and better?
With s.a. Hamid Hisari (intercultural mediator at Doctors without Borders, human rights prize 2016) and Thomas Bellinck (artist, made s.a. the series Simple as ABC on the European ‘mobility management machine’).

17h-20h Living Library
The Living Library provides an opportunity to engage in conversations that are otherwise too rare. At the desk you will not find books, but people who have made themselves available for a one-on-one conversation about their fascinations, their knowledge or their life story. Stories from Kortrijkzanen for newcomers, stories from ‘new’ for ‘old’ Belgians, knowledge about migration policy, falafel recipes or football. Settle down together at the Leieboorden for a conversation you wouldn’t otherwise have.

From 3 pm onwards, speakers can grease their vocal chords at the bar.
From 19h Fluffy Falafel will feed the hungry and De Stroate will host DJ sets with Mr Zodiac for those who are finished chatting.

Saturday 7 May from 3 p.m.
At the Leieboorden around BK6 (Kortrijk)

Time to Talk is supported by De Stroate, FMDO, Arts Centre Buda, Platform 2103, Oxfam World Shop, Refu Interim, Theatre Antigone, the Unie der Zorgelozen and Wilde Westen.


Not around BK6 (Kortrijk) on 7 May? Sign the citizens’ bill at In My Name

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