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Felwine Sarr, Etienne Minoungou & Simon Winsé

Traces – Discours aux Nations Africaines

Duration: 1h
French spoken, Dutch surtitles


“Africa doesn’t have to catch up with anyone. It doesn’t have to walk the beaten tracks but decides to go its own chosen path.” It’s time to decolonize the minds on both sides of the Mediterranean, Felwine Sarr thinks. According to the Senegalese intellectual and economist Africa can offer a new model of civilisation with more respect for man and environment but first it has to go through a cultural revolution.

In Traces. Discours aux Nations Africaines Sarr calls on young people to reclaim their history. He wrote a utopian text for the Burkinees top actor Etienne Minoungou, a big name in the contemporary art scene of Africa. Minoungou takes you along on the journey of an African migrant who comes back from a “European odyssey”. He looks back, finds new traces and enters into the dialogue with the audience, clear and hopeful.

In 2020 this performance was taken up in the programme of the prestigious Festival d’Avignon and afterwards presented in Europe and Africa.

In collaboration with Culturescapes 2023 Sahara

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  • Traces
“A hard, powerful, poetical, historical and prophetic text.” — Sophie Faucher, ICI Première

Directed by Etienne Minoungou
Outside view Aristide Tarnagda
With Etienne Minoungou
Musician Simon Winse
Video Emmanuel Toe
Lighting design Rémy Brans

A Théâtre de Namur production In coproduction with Festival Les Récréatrales – Ouagadougou, Festival AfriCologne. With the support from the Fondation von Brochowski Sud-Nord ( Distributed by La Charge du Rhinoceros With the support of the Institut Français.

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