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Ann Peuteman, Martijn Peirs & Hilde Vanderstraeten

Tuinesia: Give young and old their voices back

Location: BK6, Broelkaai 6 (8500 Kortrijk)
Language: Dutch
Tickets: €5

Tuinesië: Geef jong en oud hun stem terug

For 10 years, writer and Knack journalist Ann Peuteman has been having in-depth conversations with elderly people. In her books ‘Grijsgedraaid’ and ‘Verplant’, she describes how we take away from the elderly everything that makes life worth living. They are thought, acted and spoken for all the time. In October, her new book will be published and her documentary ‘Rebels’ will premiere.

Ann Peuteman talks to Hilde Vanderstraeten, who with Het Bataljong makes performances with young and not so young makers: the Loteling (with people with young dementia), Bus 41 (with non-native speakers) and next year a performance about the elderly, and with Martijn Peirs of Ponyvalent, a cultural association focused on the dreams of young people with a healthy urge for creativity.

Ann Peuteman (1973) studied Germanic Philology at the UGent. She is a journalist at Knack and also writes the column De Zoetzure dinsdag. She previously published ‘Uitgesproken’ (Pronounced) (2008) and ‘Do you feel well, doctor?’ (2014).

In 2019, Vrijdag published her much-praised book ‘Grijsgedraaid. Why we should be afraid of getting old’, about how today in Flanders we take away from older people everything that makes life fun. In the same style, she also wrote a book in 2020 about how to make residential care homes more pleasant: ‘Verplant. Why it can be wonderful to live in a nursing home’. Her third book, ‘Old Warriors. Learning from rebels at age’, will appear in the summer of 2022.

Martijn Peirs is, among other things, a director, organiser, creative brain and cameraman at Ponyvalent, a cultural association aimed at young people with a healthy urge for creativity.

Hilde Vanderstraeten studied at the Royal Conservatory of Ghent (now KASK). She has been co-founder and involved as artistic director with theatre collective Het Bataljong since 2015. Het Bataljong stimulates imagination, guts and artistic development in its audience, gives the stage to anyone with an artistic egg and acts in an open manner and is vulnerable, without prejudice or hierarchy. The Battalion is an island where people can come, stay, move on and go again. The last two artistic projects were ‘De Loteling’ (in 2019), a performance with and by people with young dementia, and ‘Bus 41’ (in 2022), with and by non-native speakers and people with low literacy levels.

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