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Upon Entry

ES 2022, 1h20
Director: Juan Sebastián Vásquez
Spanish, English, Catalan spoken, Dutch and French subtitles
Tags: #
Upon Entry

In Upon Entry, we follow the adventure of Venezuelan-Spanish couple Diego and Elena. They travel to New York and then fly to Miami. Elena, a passionate dancer, and Diego, a city planner, have set their sights on America. They are looking for better career opportunities that hardly exist in their home countries. But when they arrive at immigration control at the airport, they are told that something is wrong with their papers. Their passports are confiscated and they are escorted to a separate section at the airport for further verification, a place you would rather not go. The questioning by U.S. immigration officials is razor sharp and at times brutal. The questioning not only offers insight into the duo’s background, but also causes us to be in a duel over who to support.

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