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Set the table

Cristina Carvalhal & Raquel André: SET THE TABLE

In June, Portuguese artists Cristina Carvalhal & Raquel André will be in residence at BUDA Arts Centre. Together with their team, they are working on their latest performance SET THE TABLE. A group of women come together to build a table, to set a table and to meet each other. Meanwhile, they share their stories of home, work, encounter, intimacy, power, future and many others. In this way, they would like to give different women a voice on stage. The stories featured in the performance are collected through workshops.

The group has already organised these workshops in Croatia and Portugal and will also stop in Romania before making their final stop in Kortrijk. Previous participants experienced these workshops as a strong experience and had the feeling that they got in touch with themselves in a deep way.

Some of the stories told during the workshops will be part of the theatre performance and a documentary film that will premiere in Portugal in September. The show will be performed there by professional actors and maybe you will be on stage too? This performance will also be shown in Budascoop during NEXT festival in November. Those who take part in this workshop series will be able to join us on stage in November.

Who can participate?

  • You are 18 or older and identify as a woman.
  • You are eager and open to sharing stories with a group.
  • You are available at all workshop times.

What do you need?

  • No theatre experience necessary
  • Comfortable clothing required for movement and theatre exercises
  • The language of the workshops is English, but we will provide a translator for those who do not speak (fluent) English.


  • 23 to 27 june
  • 17:00 to 20:00

Getting the hang of it?

Mail to Famke at or call 0471 65 76 69 to register.

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