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Daniela Bershan

Radically Reproducing Together

Daniela Bershan

Movements around the world are screaming into our faces about the states of permanent systemic violence and injustice, permanent destruction of our planet’s resources, permanent evaluations of our lives and seemingly permanent division from each other. The organization of the relation between reproduction and production is a key to understand and make visible how these divisions operate. Once we understand that whenever we do something, HOW we do it is by no means neutral and that this is intrinsically connected to systems of exploitation and destruction, we can start positioning ourselves and make gradual changes that engage in generative, nourishing and reparative practices.

In Radically Reproducing Together we will put at the very center our own reproduction and nourishment and we will in an experimental, creative and embodied way look at how this can shift our way of being and (re-)making (in) the world together on a daily basis in a more-than-human world. We will cook and eat, we will rest and clean, we will talk and read, we will be of service to each other, sleep and dream, make rituals together, think, feel, be still and learn together.

Residency in collaboration with KASK.

Daniela Bershan

Daniela Bershan a.k.a. Baba Electronica is an artist, DJ and independent researcher. Through her work – ranging from sculpture and performance to community building and sound – she proposes practices of collective intimacy and care as a way to study and honor affective and relational structures; Her current work is exploring the ecological, historical, emotional and political dimensions of reproductive labour and its re-organization through different registers. She composes and holds potentia-spaces for erotic/aesthetic practices and non-monotonic thinking. Daniela co-founded and directed FATFORM (NL), and is co-organizing icw Valentina Desideri ELSEWHERE & OTHERWISE at Performing Arts Forum (FR).

In residence

15 Mar 2021 – 19 Mar 2021

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