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Lenio Kaklea

Sonatas and Interludes

Exciting dialogue between a dancer and a pianist Sonatas et Interludes (1946-1948) was a music series by John Cage for ‘prepared piano’, in which objects are placed on or under the strings or hammers. Dancing to this music, which beats and pulls, Kaklea also underlines the forces that acted on women’s bodies in the 1940s. […]

Pol Pi


Intimate search for the plural human being What archive preserves and embodies each individual? By inviting two dancers who find themselves at different moments in time, in different cultures and sexes, Pol Pi creates a crossroads between three generations and three stories. In daté.e.s bodies become seismographs of intimate signs, in which the intensity, the […]

Bint Mbareh

necromance the future

When funghi die, they contribute to the growth of the community. Can fungi make us think differently about death? This performance links the fungi to martyrdom by means of traditional Palestinian music. A unique and musical performance. with the support of Mophradat

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