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Who are the real immortal heroes? Four dancers move in stop-motion to a steady beat. Like immortal superheroes, they continue endlessly in a cycle of attacking, defending, wiping sweat, and reloading. They seem to build their imaginary super-bodies and super-narratives effortlessly. Yet gradually small cracks begin to show in their grand gestures. Are they also […]



A dance to postpone the apocalypse What if Western philosophers Descartes or Spinoza had visited the Brazilian rainforest? Brazilian poet Paulo Leminski’s Catatau poem or romance-idea is based on this dream: a philosopher is confronted with a new environment that bankrupts his thoughts. He arrives at the Atlantic Forest where everything is astonishing, where there […]

_The forest

The forest_

The forest is a place where one never knows where one is and simultaneously never feels lost. This condition before the unknown allows us to write the future in ways we could not have imagined. Entering the forest is an invitation to the practice of the ‘unknown’. A term that shifts as soon as it […]

Ethereal Possessions

Ethereal Possessions

A green front door covered in a spider web leads to a small space, both interior and exterior, with the purpose of protection; many beguines were women hiding from their wealthy families, fleeing arranged marriages. Somewhere inside this house, there is a clock ticking; it drives you back to childhood. Some sort of anthropology of […]

Lenio Kaklea

Sonatas and Interludes

Exciting dialogue between a dancer and a pianist Sonatas et Interludes (1946-1948) was a music series by John Cage for ‘prepared piano’, in which objects are placed on or under the strings or hammers. Dancing to this music, which beats and pulls, Kaklea also underlines the forces that acted on women’s bodies in the 1940s. […]

Pol Pi


Intimate search for the plural human being What archive preserves and embodies each individual? By inviting two dancers who find themselves at different moments in time, in different cultures and sexes, Pol Pi creates a crossroads between three generations and three stories. In daté.e.s bodies become seismographs of intimate signs, in which the intensity, the […]

Bint Mbareh

necromance the future

When funghi die, they contribute to the growth of the community. Can fungi make us think differently about death? This performance links the fungi to martyrdom by means of traditional Palestinian music. A unique and musical performance. with the support of Mophradat

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