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Werkplek in Kortrijk

Lucia Palladino

The forest_

Duration: 3 hours
Spoken in English, no subtitles

During this performance doors stay open

Pay What You Can: €0 · €5 · €10 · €15 · €20 · €25
It’s up to you to decide whether the underlined suggested price fits within your current financial situation or not. Can you pay a higher ticket price? Great, that way you make it possible for others to pay less. Would you prefer to pay a lower rate? You are free to do so.

After the performance, you can take a shuttle bus back to Brussels. Reservations can be made here.

_The forest

The forest is a place where one never knows where one is and simultaneously never feels lost. This condition before the unknown allows us to write the future in ways we could not have imagined.

Entering the forest is an invitation to the practice of the ‘unknown’. A term that shifts as soon as it is named, as an exercise in resistant struggle against the capitalist system of production that dominates the entire knowledge-based world. The unknown sets up a space of encounter between participants according to relational rules in the making. The exchange of information and codes is intimate and delicate. It shifts a few millimetres from what we regard as reality and continually opens up questions about the meaning and power of things, shedding light on the habit of censorship in order to establish common guidelines on what is good and what is bad.

Step into this soft space and indulge in a trip into the unknown. Let’s end the day together at sunset with a heartwarming ritual.

Lucia Palladino is an independent transdisciplinary artist and researcher based in Brussels. Her work focuses on the encounter with the other and on how this encounter questions identities and properties. Movement, choreography, writing and filming practices are being used as forms of resistance to fixed notions of identity, to institutions, and as tools for institutional critique. Her work researches power relations and questions everything we take for granted.

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Concept and direction Lucia Palladino Performers Adaline Anobile, Elena Bastogi, Lucia Palladino, Chiara Prodi & Alice Ruggero Musicians Lemmo, Flavia Passigli & Arturo Zanaica Video Giorgia Minoli

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