Cinema, Podium en
Werkplek in Kortrijk

Anne Lise Le Gac & Anat Bosak


Duration: 1 hour
Spoken in French and English, no subtitles
All ages
BK6 garden

Free entrance, no reservation required


While enjoying the sounds and beats of OK Radio, Anne Lise Le Gac and Anat Bosak break in unexpectedly.

In DOPA’s SYNUSIAs, hackers attempt to dismantle, tweak and hijack system-objects in their hands. This may involve a luminescent organism, a rule of good militant conduct, a bagpipe or an air conditioner. On each new terrain, they map energy sources, list constraints, calculate burned watts, and harvest hidden stories.

DOPA can’t predict its own evolution, and feeds on an accumulation of ferments contained in the places it crosses. These hackers invest in real estate that is perishable, alterable and fugitive. Leaks are to be expected, as are heat waves, but they’ll be with you every step of the way.

This project is part of the European programme apap – FEMINIST FUTURES, a project co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.

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Anne Lise Le Gac studied at the Fine Arts School in Strasbourg, focusing on performance art. She also completed the ESSAIS master programme for dance at CNDC Angers. She has created solo pieces such as La Caresse du Coma and a collaborative performance project, GRAND MAL, with Élie Ortis. Since 2015, she has been co-organising the performance festival OKAY CONFIANCE. For DOPA, she invites multidisciplinary artist Anat Bosak.

Anat Bosak is a multidisciplinary artist, a graduate of the School of Visual Theater in Jerusalem and the choreography research programme at the CCN in Montpellier. She creates performances that deal with fields of tension, both emotional and political. Through performance and visual representation, she interprets different forms of conflict.

Play dates

Concept & performance Anne Lise Le Gac, Anat Bosak Light Design Anat Bosak Land Arrangement Anat Bosak, Anne Lise Le Gac Artistic collaboration & community network Leonard Leyens Artistic collaboration Niels Bovri Production OKAY CONFIANCE – Fanny Spano Coproduction & residences Tanzfabrik (Berlin, DE), Fortuna (Berlin, DE), kunstencentrum BUDA (Courtrai, BE), Reykjavik Dance Festival (Reykjavik, IS), Station (Belgrade, SR), La Maison Forte (Monbalen, FR), Centrale Fies (Dro, IT), BIT Theatre (Bergen, NO), Parallèle Festival (Marseille, FR) With the support of apap – FEMINIST FUTURES, département des Bouches du Rhône, Ville de Marseille, Bourse Erasmus +

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