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Fabrizio Terranova & Xavier Garcia Bardon

Speakers for the dead

Lecture, DJ-set & film program
English spoken
Location: Budascoop zaal 1
Tickets lecture: €6 | CUBO | UiTPAS
Tickets film program: €10 | €6 (-26/artists & professionals) | CUBO | UiTPAS

Fabrizio Terranova personal archives

Fabrizio Terranova proposes a first phase of his residency at BUDA, which will constitute the starting point of this experimental quest. A residency full of ghosts, dedicated to living spirits that need to be nourished. A residency to prepare a future film in honor of a beloved one who has disappeared.

Lecture by Fabrizio Terranova
Sat 11 June 2022 | 16:30-19:30

Speculative Fabulations* and other stories to take care of our dead

* after the name of the Master’s course « Narrations Spéculatives – Récits & Expérimentations » at the erg, Brussels

A short introduction to Speculative Fabulations with a particular focus on how to weave stories that are haunted by our dead. For the first time, Fabrizio Terranova will lay down all his first ideas, intuitions and intentions in order to sort them out on our big collective table.

This session will be accompanied by the otherworldly sounds of Lawrence Le Doux and followed by a little mix of this legendary Brussels DJ, author of all the soundtracks of Terranova’s movies.

Film programme in cooperation with Xavier Garcia Bardon.
Sun 12 June 2022 | 16:30-20:15

Joyfully mixing all kinds of genres and approaches, this programme will bring together a selection of films and videos originating from various times, places and contexts of production. All of them have in a way or another, treated of, negotiated with, taken care of the dead.

16:30 | Intro
16:40 | Films: Nous le savions qu’elles étaient belles, les îles (Younès Ben Slimane, FR, 2021, 16’, no dialogue), Tahlequah (Dominique Knowles, USA, 2020, 12’, EN spoken, no subtitles), Si tu étais dans mes images (Lou Colpé, BE, 2017, 20’, FR spoken, EN and NL subtitled)
17:25 | Q&A with Younès Ben Slimane and Lou Colpé
18:00 | break
18:30 | Intro
18:35 | Film: Le Bateau du père (Clémence Hébert, BE/FR, 2009, 75’, FR spoken, EN subtitled)
19:50 | Q&A with Clémence Hébert
20:15 | End

Intro, discussion and moderation by Xavier Garcia Bardon and Fabrizio Terranova.

This project is part of the Feminist School of the European programme apap – FEMINIST FUTURES, a project co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union

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Brussels-based filmmaker Fabrizio Terranova (It) is also an activist and teacher at ERG (Ecole de Recherche Graphique), where he launched and co-runs the Master’s programme in speculative narration. Terranova also co-founded Dingdingdong, an institute that aims to improve knowledge about Huntington’s disease. His previous documentaries (Josée Andrei, An Insane Portrait, Donna Haraway, Storytelling for Earthly Survival and Absolute Beginners) screened at various festivals worldwide.

For nearly two decades now, Belgium’s Laurent Baudoux has been a pivotal figure in his country’s underground electronic music scene; he has been active as a member of groups such as Electrosold Collectif (alongside Mouse on Mars’ Jan St Werner) and working solo under a wide range of pseudonyms such as Sun OK Papi K.O. and Baleine 3000. Currently working under the name Lawrence Le Doux, receiving praise from the likes of Resident Advisor and Thump for his uniquely uplifting take on house and techno.

Xavier García Bardón is a professor at ERG (École de Recherche Graphique, Brussels), an independent film curator and a member of the Oostende nomadic film platform Monokino. A former film curator at BOZAR (2004-2020), he has worked with numerous artists and institutions. He has conducted extensive researches on the history of the Knokke-le-Zoute EXPRMNTL film festival, a subject to which he has devoted his Ph.D. in Film Studies at Université Paris 3 Sorbonne Nouvelle.

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