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Ève Gabriel Chabanon

Feminist School: I, too, Overflow – Workshop

English & French spoken, English & French subtitled | 16+ | accessible for visually impaired people | accessible for hearing impaired people | Relaxed performance
This workshop is for anyone who identifies as a woman and non-binary persons. You can attend one or both workshops.
Pay what you can (€0/€5/€10/€15)
It’s up to you to decide whether the suggestion price (€5) fits within your current financial situation… or rather not. Can you afford a higher ticket price? Then you make it possible for others to pay less.


Feminist DIY-workshop

BUDA and Ève Gabriel Chabanon have cooperated closesly in the past year. The artist organised a series of workshops together with several women and non-binary people. The foundation of their conversation: a list of questions drawn up by poet Bhanu Khapil, about topics such as intimacy. Whom do you love? What is the shape of your body? But also: How will you prepare for your death? The questions led to a conversation about feminist legacies and accessibility to public areas.

During Almost Summer, on 30 June, Chabanon will organise a similar writing workshop around Khapil’s questions. This time, you’ll get a chance to participate. How do you relate to the questions? The artist will incorporate the ‘results’ of this workshop in a public lecture on 2 July. On the same day they will also unveil a sculpture, which will initiate the development of a local feminist legacy or ‘matrimony’.

This workshop is for anyone who identifies as a woman and non-binary persons.

The Feminist School is part of the European programme apap – FEMINIST FUTURES, a project co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union

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Ève Gabriel Chabanon (FR) (they/xe) has forged a hybrid practice questioning the relationship to labor and to collective, political and economic constructions, mixing texts, films, ceramics and sculptural objects. Their work brings together and moderates different groups to infiltrate the mechanisms of systems (financial, cultural, democratic) and question the codes of art and its possibilities to develop new spaces of understanding and dissemination.

Play dates

With the participation of : compañeros, FMDO, Refu Interim, QACE Kortrijk, Magnolia Collective, and numerous anonymous women of Kortrijk.
With the words of Bhanu Kapil and Helene Cixou.
With the help of: Bram Coeman, Anke D’Haene, Noir Metal, Klara Rowaert, Famke Struyve, Clara Van der belen, Mathilde Villeneuve.

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