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Feminist School: Hear Me Out: A Teach-in on Conflict Expression

A SPIN project for The Feminist School Queer-feminist collectivity is often created under precarious conditions by people looking for places of belonging outside of normative social-political structures. The collectivities we create can give us solidarity, support, and pleasure, but they can also be places in which conflicts arise, and there is a lot at stake. […]

Feminist School: Working with F(r)ictions – workshop

Working intersectionally: a testimony Sonya Lindfors is a Cameroonian-Finnish choreographer, facilitator, and educator. She received an MA in choreography from the Helsinki University of the Arts. Besides being an artist, she is also the co-founder and artistic director of UrbanApa, an inclusive and anti-racist art platform based in Helsinki. The core of her work aims […]


Feminist School: Rile* Reading Room

The bookshop that will make you read differently rile* is a bookshop and project space for performance and publishing. You’ll find art books and poetry there, as well as more theoretical or experimental works, and you can participate in ‘living literature’. rile* is the word for ‘silence’ in Láadan, a language developed by feminist author […]


Feminist School: I, too, Overflow – Workshop

Feminist DIY-workshop BUDA and Ève Gabriel Chabanon have cooperated closesly in the past year. The artist organised a series of workshops together with several women and non-binary people. The foundation of their conversation: a list of questions drawn up by poet Bhanu Khapil, about topics such as intimacy. Whom do you love? What is the […]

Am I Evil?

Feminist School: Am I Evil?

Fifteen authors between eroticism and exoticism Writers: Maite Vanthournout, Tess Van Deynse, Massimiliano Doni, Jordy Spyt, Ann Bellemans, Mieke Stessens, KimmeTigra, Mario Vanhuylenbrouck, Yanne Ryon, Ian Maene, Diana Duta, Astrophysicist69, Dirk Elst, Alice Ciresola, Loeke Vanhoutteghem Can erotic writing be a tool to expose the evil in a person? In other words: can erotic writing […]


Feminist School: DOPA

Artist group infiltrates a bonkers garden party What if you gathered artists for a brief moment, to experiment and create, just like a hackerspace? DOPA stands for ‘dopamine’. In popular culture, she is described as the main chemical for experiencing pleasure and enjoyment. In the pharmacological world, it is also thought to play a big […]

Feminist School: Losing Ground

Losing Ground: On Disappeared Art Institutions And Their Ghosts Why small art spaces can make a difference Small-scale, independent art spaces are not to be underestimated as players in an art field that seeks to facilitate both local and transnational gatherings. They, more than anybody else, try to create the conditions in which artistic research […]

OPEN CALL: Writing workshop that addresses the relationship to our dead

This workshop is part of our Learning Together program and the research project “Speakers for the deads” of the filmmaker Fabrizio Terranova. Fabrizio has invited Vinciane Despret to imagine and give a writing and performance workshop that addresses the relationship to our dead. Each candidate can write in the language he/she chooses. Discussions will be […]

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