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Paper Lane

1 performer, 1 white sheet, 1 tear. These are the basic ingredients for the meditative Paper Lane. For this wordless performance, Olga de Soto drew inspiration from Hartmut Rosa’s theory on the need to slow down and a gesture used by Sophie Whettnall on some of her works with paper. The result: the uninterrupted, very […]

Measuring Narrative With Water

Measuring Narrative With Water

To what extent can we be held accountable for the histories we inherit? Between 1920 and 1922, Knud Heckscher, Sirah Foighel Brutmann’s great-grandfather, travelled from Copenhagen to Bangkok and back over water. During these two years, he meticulously recorded his daily life in a series of 107 letters and a collection of black-and-white pictures. They […]



Who are the real immortal heroes? Four dancers move in stop-motion to a steady beat. Like immortal superheroes, they continue endlessly in a cycle of attacking, defending, wiping sweat, and reloading. They seem to build their imaginary super-bodies and super-narratives effortlessly. Yet gradually small cracks begin to show in their grand gestures. Are they also […]

Máquinas (Machines)

Máquinas (Machines)

Longing for less Since the rise of industrialisation and capitalism, a constant desire for everything we don’t have (yet). Llopis Segarra dissects humans and our society, and exposes our inherent desires. Máquinas is a dance performance that explores what a “desiring machine”, as French philosophers Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari called it, could be. They […]

Nocturnes for a Society

Nocturnes for a Society

Sleeping together under a blanket of sounds Nocturnes for a Society creates an environment to spend a night in – an abode somewhere between performance, sleep, dream, and sonic play. With our voices, we weave a nocturnal carpet of sound and use it as a blanket to crawl under. Sound artist Myriam Van Imschoot and […]

_The forest

The forest_

The forest is a place where one never knows where one is and simultaneously never feels lost. This condition before the unknown allows us to write the future in ways we could not have imagined. Entering the forest is an invitation to the practice of the ‘unknown’. A term that shifts as soon as it […]

No hay acto creativo

There Is No Creative Act

There Is No Creative Act straddles the line between a lecture and a performance. Using archival material, combined with movements, text, and the use of certain objects, Norberto Llopis Segarra tries to frame his artistic practice. He starts from the opposition between Operation and Action, whereby an Operation is conceived as a procedure that allows […]

Ethereal Possessions

Ethereal Possessions

A green front door covered in a spider web leads to a small space, both interior and exterior, with the purpose of protection; many beguines were women hiding from their wealthy families, fleeing arranged marriages. Somewhere inside this house, there is a clock ticking; it drives you back to childhood. Some sort of anthropology of […]

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