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Christine De Smedt, Liza Baliasnaja, Theo Livesey

The Third Room

English spoken, no subtitles | 18+ | loud noises | darkness | a lot of text
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I think it says a lot about you, that when the question is about responsibility, the next topic that’s brought up is guilt. I find that interesting.
I thought you were talking about guilt? I was talking about duty.
I heard you say guilt.
I said guilt after you said guilt.
You did say guilt!
I said guilt, but I was not thinking about guilt.
Ok. Distinction made. You said it without thinking about it. That’s quite impressive.


Life in our modern Western world is permeated by violence, often so small that it is hardly noticeable. Microaggressions masked by politeness, scars from a violent past in public space, a tug-of-war to gain the upper hand in a conversation… It is a kind of violence that we experience and sometimes commit ourselves. The effect is subtle but it can accumulate and cause harm in the long term.

In the performance The Third Room, Christine De Smedt, Liza Baliasnaja and Theo Livesey explore what they call ‘low intensity violence’. Together, they shake up the rules of conversation. How can you use language as a means of imagination and dominance? In various made-up situations, the performers oscillate between the offender’s, the witness’ and the victim’s point of view, and pierce through the fictions of freedom and peaceful coexistence that form part of the Western social ideal.

Combine ‘The Third Room’ on Friday 30 June with ‘Zero to Infinity’ by Agata Maszkiewicz & Superamas.
Combine ‘The Third Room’ on Saturday 1 July with ‘Le chant du psychophone‘ by Antonia Baehr, ‘Cutting Mushrooms‘ by Kidows Kim and ‘Landing on Feathers‘ by Jija Sohn, Aleksandra Lemm & Julia Reist.

Liza Baliasnaja’s (LT) work is shaped by interest in theoretical research and an expanded approach to choreographing. After completing her studies in P.A.R.T.S, she obtained a BA in philosophy from the university of KU Leuven. Liza enjoys navigating between performing, teaching, organizing, and accompanying the processes of others. Most of her works have been conceived either in collaboration or in an ongoing dialogue with other artists.

Christine De Smedt (BE), choreographer and dancer, pursues various forms of collaboration, dialogue and duration. Her work grapples with questions concerning the representation of the body, its existence in and through language as a material, construct and instrument. Extending her research to invited collaborators, the work takes form in complexity and conflict, questioning the status and reproduction of the single author.

Theo Livesey, (UK), is a performer and maker working in dance, theatre, and the written word. Since graduating from P.A.R.T.S. in 2016 he has been working with Gisèle Vienne as a performer and collaborator, and constructing his own work on stage and on the page, as well as engaging in various collaborative working processes, notably alongside Mario Barrantes Espinoza, Luka Svajda, Christine De Smedt and Liza Baliasnaja

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  • The Third Room
  • The Third Room
  • The Third Room

Choreography, text, performance: Christine De Smedt, Liza Baliasnaja, Theo Livesey
Initial concept: Christine De Smedt
Dramaturgy: Bojana Cvejić
Artistic and text advice: Stefa Govaart
Sound: Charlie Usher
Lights: Steven Brys
Scenographic advice: Vladimir Miller
Production and distribution: Caravan Production (BE) Coproduction De Singel (BE), kunstencentrum Buda (BE), PACT Zollverein (D), wpZimmer (BE), Kunstenwerkplaats Pianofabriek(BE), C-TAKT(BE), Het Laatse Bedrijf (BE)
Residencies: PACT Zollverein, kunstencentrum Buda (BE), wpZimmer (BE), Kunstenwerkplaats Pianofabriek (BE), Campo (BE), workspacebrussels (BE), Nau Ivanow (E), Kaaitheater (BE), a.pass (BE)
With the support of: De Vlaamse Overheid and Tax Shelter maatregel van de Belgische Federale Overheid

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