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Tickets, Ten-turn cards & Gift cards

Can I still buy tickets at the box office?
Yes! Our movie box office is always open about a half hour before the movie starts. There you can buy movie tickets. There you can also purchase movie tickets in advance for a movie that is not programmed until later. Payment can be made cash or by Bancontact.

Can I exchange my ticket?
We do not exchange tickets. Maybe you can make someone else happy with your purchased ticket?

Can my ticket be refunded?
We do not refund tickets. Maybe you can make someone else happy with your purchased ticket?

Can I purchase tickets online with my abo?
For sure! When you get to the order page, you also have the option to select “tien-beurtenkaart”. Look closely at the color of your card, that way you can point out the right option. A reservation fee of €0.50 will be charged.

Orange/Yellow/Red = old ten-turns card (€70)
Blue = current 10-turns card (€80)
Green = 5-turns card for -30 year olds (€30)

Be sure not to forget your card and ticket, in Budascoop the ticket will be scanned and the correct number of turns will be deducted from your card.

Can I purchase tickets online with my CUBO subscription?
Yes! On the order page, choose the option ‘CUBO’.

I am -26/+65. Can I purchase a ticket online?
Yes, on the order page choose the option ‘+65 years’ or ‘-26 years’.

Can I use a gift certificate to purchase tickets online?
Unfortunately, this is not yet successful. But you can use your gift card at the movie box office.

Can I purchase a ten-turns card online?
Unfortunately, this is not yet successful. But you can still purchase a new ten-turns card at the movie box office.

My ten-turns card is completely used up. I am planning to buy a new ten-turns card, but would like to order all my tickets online now. Is this possible?
You certainly can! If your ten-turns card has been used up and you are planning to purchase a new one, you can still reserve tickets in advance this way:

  1. Designate the right ten-turns card online (this will be €8 or €6) and the right amount you need
  2. Bring your ticket preferably on your smartphone, this way you save a lot of paper! If this does not work, you can also print the tickets at home.
  3. Buy a new ten-turns card at our movie box office
  4. We will scan your ticket(s) and also give you the correct number of clippings in your ten-turns card.

Can I use my UiTPAS to purchase tickets online?
Yes, on the order page select the option ‘UiTPAS Kansentarief’.

Why is there an extra charge of €0.50 for my order?
This amount is charged as a service and reservation fee.

Can I pay with culture vouchers?
Yes, in Budascoop you can also pay with culture vouchers.

I bought a ticket online, do I need my printed ticket to get to the venue?
We always need the barcode. Preferably display your ticket on your smartphone, this saves a lot of paper. To do this, you will need to open the link provided in your confirmation email. We ask that the barcode be displayed clearly and completely for scanning. Does it still not work via your smartphone? Then you can print your tickets at home to take with you.

I did not receive a confirmation email after my online purchase
It may take a few minutes for the confirmation to arrive in your mailbox. After some waiting, are you still not getting an email? Then check the spam folder, sometimes the confirmation email ends up there. Is the email not in your spam folder? Therefore, it is best to check that the payment has gone through properly. If everything seems to be in order, but you still haven’t received an email, stop by the movie box office and mention the name with which the tickets were purchased, the cashier will help you out.


Is there an intermission during the movie?
No, there is no intermission during the film.

Does the movie start punctually, or is there advertising before the movie?
Yes, the film starts punctually at the hour as indicated on our website. Our Local Heroes’ screen publicity runs just before that announced starting time.

Do you have a range of drinks and snacks?
Yes, you can take your own drink and snack and checkout at the movie box office.
During stage performances, the bar upstairs is usually open before and/or after the performance.

How do I stay up to date on movie offerings?
Would you like to stay up to date with our offerings? On our website you can always find our programming. The website is constantly being updated.
You can also subscribe to our film newsletter, which is sent via email every Wednesday. This can also be done via our website.

Is your question not solved here? Feel free to call us at +32 (0)56 22 10 01 or send us an email

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