Cinema, Podium and
Workspace in Kortrijk

Hall rental

Movie theaters

→ Budascoop, Hall 3 (BS3)

Room 3 is the largest movie theater and has 153 seats. De zaal is uitgerust met digitale projectie en een 35mm-projector.

zaal 3 budascoop

→ Budascoop, Hall 4 (BS4)

Hall 4 has 96 seats and is equipped with digital projection and a 35 mm projector.

→ Budascoop, Hall 5 (BS5)

Hall 5 has 50 seats and is equipped with digital projection. This hall is ideal for small presentations or lectures.

Podium halls

→ Budascoop, Hall 1 (BS1)

Budascoop, Hall 1: fixed audience seating with 270 seats.

→ Budascoop, Hall 2 (BS2)

Budascoop, Hall 2: flexible audience seating

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