Cinema, Podium and
Workspace in Kortrijk

Hall rental

Movie theaters

The cinema theatres can be rented for film projections. Presentations, meetings or lectures with PowerPoint can only be held in theatre 1.

→ Budascoop, Hall 3 (BS3)

Room 3 is the largest movie theater and has 153 seats. De zaal is uitgerust met digitale projectie en een 35mm-projector.

zaal 3 budascoop

→ Budascoop, Hall 4 (BS4)

Hall 4 has 96 seats and is equipped with digital projection and a 35 mm projector.

→ Budascoop, Hall 5 (BS5)

Hall 5 has 50 seats and is equipped with digital projection.

Podium halls

→ Budascoop, Hall 1 (BS1)

Budascoop, Hall 1: fixed audience seating with 270 seats. Powerpoint presentations are possible.

→ Budascoop, Hall 2 (BS2)

Budascoop, Hall 2: flexible audience seating

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