Cinema, Podium and
Workspace in Kortrijk


Arts Centre BUDA puts art and artists at the core of its mission.


With a positive, nurturing ethos, BUDA supports artists and their projects through, among other things, residencies, co-productions, expertise and diverse networks. BUDA actively seeks out artists who dare to experiment. Originality, authenticity, and commitment are the key attributes we look for in an artist.


BUDA involves the town of Kortrijk, the public, and professionals in a highly original programme including film, performance, dance, theatre, and hybrid or other forms. Space is made explicitly for voices that are not often heard. Alongside showings on the big screen or on the stage, there are also presentations in surprising places and in public spaces.


BUDA defends the right of the arts to question, identify, reimagine, recalibrate, and enrich. With this responsibility as a starting point, BUDA invests in a process of perpetual construction, evolution, and growth of audiences, of removing obstacles and stimulating collective dialogue. BUDA wishes to be a place where different voices, worlds and visions are welcome in a context arising from equality and inclusion.


BUDA engages in local, regional, national and international collaborations and networks. Together with partners from various sectors we aspire to collective learning, to knowledge exchange and to the instigation of change. BUDA whole-heartedly seeks out collaborations with reciprocal commitment and influence.

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