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Physical accessibility

Wheelchair accessibility

Budascoop, the stage rooms (Hall 1, 2), and the studios in Budatoren (except for the toilets) are wheelchair accessible. The cinema halls (halls 3, 4, 5) are not (yet) wheelchair accessible, but a BUDA staff member will be happy to assist you.

wheelchair entrance art centre BUDA

European Disability Card

This card is a tool to facilitate access to culture, sports and leisure activities for people with disabilities. Request your free card here.

People with disabilities get access to the activities at a discounted rate. If that person needs a companion, they can come with them for free. This applies to all activities organized by arts centre BUDA.

Blind and visually impaired

Assistance dogs are allowed.

Many Dutch-language films and some foreign-language films come with audio descriptors via the Earcatch app.You can find the offer and information about the app here.

Hearing impaired

As a visitor, you can use audio support via your hearing aids and smartphone via Sennheiser’s ‘MobileConnect’ app in theaters 1, 3, 4 and 5. Download the app for your phone from the App Store (Apple devices) or Play Store (Android devices). More info on connecting can be found on the info boards in the theaters.

All info on subtitles can be found on the film and show pages.

Visual preparation

Do you like to prepare for your visit to a film, performance or cineMAATjes? Then be sure to check out our visual preparation. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact

Visual preparation Budascoop

Visual preparation theatre

Visual preparation cineMAATjes

Financial accessibility

UiTPAS reduction rate

Residents of Anzegem, Avelgem, Deerlijk, Harelbeke, Kortrijk, Kuurne, Menen, Waregem, Wervik, Wevelgem, or Zwevegem who are entitled to UiTPAS opportunity fare can go to performances organized by arts center BUDA at 20% of the ticket price.

You can find more info about UiTPAS here.

Group Pass

Organisations that work with people in vulnerable positions are entitled to a group pass. This way you can visit Budascoop with your organization at the discount rate ‘kansentarief’.
More info via

Friends of BUDA Fund

With the new ‘Friends of BUDA Fund’, we want to structurally anchor our social actions and no longer limit them to film. By becoming a Friend of BUDA, you support our inclusive activities and help create culture for people with less. Read more about it here.

Do you want to visit arts centre BUDA, but you do not belong to UiTPAS area of South West Flanders? Contact or +32 (0)56 22 10 01 We’ll see what we can do for you.
Are you not entitled to the reduction rate of UiTPAS, but cannot pay for your visit? Contact or +32 (0)56 22 10 01 We’ll see what we can do for you.

Free menstrual products

BUDA offers free menstrual products. These can be found in the toilets.

Inclusiveness policy

BUDA wants to welcome different voices, backgrounds and visions and opposes any form of discrimination.

o you have any tips or feedback about your visit? Are you still missing something in the building? Do you think there’s something to improve? Or did you just have a super positive experience? We would love to hear from you through

Warm place

Here, everyone is welcome and we take care of each other. You can join us during opening hours to warm up, ask for a glass of water, or charge your mobile phone. Use our toilets, our free lockers, or have a chat with one of our staff. We are happy to listen when it is not busy.

Because giving heart makes life, belonging wonders. This is where it happens. Enchanté!

Gender-neutral toilets

We want to make BUDA accessible to everyone, which is why we opt for gender-neutral toilets. That means there is no strict division. That means there is no strict division. For example, you will find a garbage can and menstrual products in every toilet. At the entrance is indicated what is located in the toilets.


For arts centre BUDA, equal opportunities are important. Qualities of people are decisive at BUDA, regardless of gender, origin, age or disability.

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