Cinema, Podium and
Workspace in Kortrijk

Almost Summer, a Feminist Futures Festival

We invite you to slow down together. With performances, gigs, and engaging installations, we briefly stop time.

As we know, modernity and postmodernity have championed speed and acceleration, in particular through the invention of technological means that are supposed to make us ever more efficient, when in reality many of them are alienating us and multiplying ecological destruction. In opposition to the supposedly unalterable structural triangle that combines competition, growth and acceleration, we propose to mark a pause in ‘business as usual’.

Against the compression of the present that leads us to do more and more things in less and less time, to the point of saturation and sometimes depression, this festival is an opportunity to experiment with slowing down and gently redeploying our attention. Each of the artistic projects on offer creates in its own way a place of symbolic and sensitive resistance to acceleration. They are all invitations to “resonate”, to use the term borrowed from the philosopher Hartmut Rosa.

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Almost Summer 2024

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